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Work in Brisbane Southside or East Brisbane? Why A Height Adjustable Desk in your Logan Office Is the Answer to Back Problems

Your desk and office chair may be doing you more harm than good. Thousands of Australians suffer from neck and back pain leading to lost productivity in the workplace. Imagine going to work and performing your daily tasks in comfort. It is possible. The height adjustable desk in your Logan office is the answer to a more comfortable work area and an increase in your overall output. Office Direct QLD has been providing ergonomic office furniture like height adjustable desks to the Logan, Brisbane Southside, and East Brisbane areas for the past nine years. We continue to provide our customers with high-quality, dependable commercial quality office furniture. We take a great deal of pride in our many ergonomic solutions especially height adjustable desks because they help to ease the strain on workers’ backs.

What Causes Neck and Back Pain?

If you work in an office environment, you probably are aware that you spend several hours each and every day sitting in a desk chair working with a keyboard and a computer. Sitting for extended periods of time in a chair does not promote healthy posture. In most cases, your back and shoulders slump and your head is pushed forward. The weight of your head alone can cause severe stress on the neck. You may also experience pain in the upper back as those muscles work to counteract the head leaning too far forward.

When you sit for long periods, the discs between your vertebrae become compressed. Because they cannot expand, they do not receive nutrients. The result is a less flexible spine. By sitting most of the work day, you will put up to 90 percent more stress on your back than if you were standing.

The Solution – A Height Adjustable Desk in Your East Brisbane Office

While standing all day long might not be the answer to all of your back problems, you will surely reap the benefits of a height adjustable desk from Office Direct QLD. A desk can be adjusted so that a worker can stand for a part of the day. Standing for just one hour during a work day can reduce back and neck pain by over 50 percent. A height adjustable desk can be used so that an individual can sit in different positions as well. The key to helping to correct back and neck pain is to have a keyboard, computer screen, desk, and chair that are all positioned to put the least amount of stress as possible on the body.

Whether you are sitting or standing, you want to follow certain guidelines. For example, the top of your computer monitor should be at eye level. When seated, your thighs should be parallel to the floor and you should be able to place your feet flat on the floor. Your arms should bend at 90 degrees to reach the keyboard so that your wrists do not strain when typing. If you will sit for extended periods of time, it is recommended that you have a desk chair that offers lumbar support. Talk to our professionals at Office Direct QLD. They can help you with a variety of office furniture including ergonomic chairs as well as a height adjustable desk for a Brisbane Southside office. For further assistance, call us on 07 3245 2788 or contact us via email at