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Office Direct Provides Standing Desks in Brisbane and Capalaba Offices

Our society has become more sedentary than ever before. Because of technological advances, most of us spend the majority of our day sitting at a desk, typing on a computer. This constant sedentary lifestyle is affecting our health in more and more ways. From increased stress on the heart, to back pain and carpal.. Read more

How to Work Efficiently from Your Home Office

It’s really exciting when you get the thought of working from your home to earn your living, but at the same time you get the thought that conveys “How do I work efficiently when there are so many distractions in my home?”  Yes, both your thoughts are valid and you need to give due consideration.. Read more

How to Design Optimised Office Interiors

When your office has an incredible interior design that optimizes the entire office space, it results into a cleaner and neater look and at the same time facilitates employees to execute the routine jobs with utmost ease and efficiently. It’s all about how to maximize the utility of the available office space by accommodating furniture,.. Read more

Ergonomic Office Furniture Help Prevent Musculoskeletal Disorders

Here below are the details of ergonomically designed office furniture that helps in lowering MSDs (Musculoskeletal Disorders). Computer Workstations To make typing on a computer effortless its worth investing in padded wrist rests to avoid wrist pain and soreness. The latest keyboards and mouse controls come with their own bonded wrist rests. The computer screen’s.. Read more

Synchronize Your Work Place with Ergonomic Office Furniture

It’s vital to synchronize your work place with ergonomic office furniture so that office space offers a better working environment for all staff members, which would result in enhanced productivity. Also, office interiors and furniture conveys a lot when a prospective client pays a visit. Below mentioned are some ideas that you can use to.. Read more

How to Boost Your Workplace Productivity with the Help of a New Office Design?

Clearly, the office space resembles the business and the way the work is carried out by your staff. It is imperative that the office should be well furnished and up-to-date. To bring considerable difference in your office atmosphere, you need to smarten up your workplace interiors paying attention to the actual work requirements and nature.. Read more