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The Future of Modern Office Furniture

file-cabinetsFurniture is the thing we need daily to sit, stretch or sleep.  As major part of our daily life is spent at work seated on chairs, handling an Office Furniture Brisbane design unit, I find it interesting to imagine the future of modern office furniture.

The earliest furniture could have been tables, chairs and beds made from stone slabs or wood logs. Looking at the earliest survived furniture found from Egyptian tombs, the history of man-made furniture can stretch back to 4000 years. Egyptians had folding beds, and the Roman had armchairs. In the 14th-18thcentury, furniture making flourished with increased affluence. With the mechanized production in the 19th century, a wide range of more affordable furniture became available.

office-funitureToday, furniture design is largely determined by fashion, size, function, materials and cost. While home furniture is guided by comfort, Office Furniture is usually plainer and more functional. In recent years, there has been much debate on the efficiency of office workers in relation to the design of office furniture. Ergonomic chairs are already in vogue. It would be interesting to imagine the future of office furniture. Here are a few ideas.

The future office furniture will be made keeping in view the profile of individual users, including their built, posture, personality, type of work (heavy, light) and other factors. The chairs and the tables will be highly automated and light and foldable to be carried away to another area. The modern office furniture will also have pressure sensors, especially in chairs that will make the chairs adjust according users.

Furniture designers envisage that in near future most of the work will be done through computer operated by touch, gestures, voice and sensory organs. The need of the wired, physical computers will be eliminated. Instead there will be hologram-like 3D screen, projected on walls or even empty spaces as and when needed. This will eliminate the need for heavy furniture as comfort and efficiency will be the key.