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SLX Desk Mounted Ice Screen


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Office Direct - Sylex

Suitable for Corporate Office, Schools, Phone Centers or Home Office

This modern & fresh new design offers lots of sizes to fit on almost any desk length or depth.

They are the perfect way of dressing up your office & providing a little privacy.

This design provides a translucent screen while colleagues can tell you are at your desk, Ice Screens make it difficult for them to pry on you and your work.

Ice Screens still let the ambient light shine through saving you in adding extra lighting & added electricity cost.

This product provides the right balance between the privacy of cubicles with the efficiency & communication advantages of the open plan office.

We have 2 options of fixing these screens to the desk with a desk clamp that suits desks with round legs (no gable ends), and a mounted pin that suits gable end desks (this pin has to be screwed down onto the desk top)

The prices listed do not include the desk clamps or mounted pin, you will need 2 per screen at $23.00 each

Supply time approx 5-10 working days.

Prices are based on pick up from our store.

Delivery & install are an added charge.