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Embrace the Future with Stand up Desks and Ergonomic Desk Chairs for Your Brisbane Business or Home Office

All signs are pointing to stand up desks being the future for offices everywhere—not just in Brisbane, but around the globe. In August 2016, the American Heart Association published an article cautioning people against staying sedentary for long periods of time. Prolonged periods of sedentary behaviour, the report concluded, can increase heart disease risk—even for.. Read more

In Need of Affordable Office Furniture in Brisbane East? Office Direct QLD Delivers Dividers, Partitions, and More

It’s a series of distractions. The office buzzes with muffled phone conversations and the frantic keyboard clatters, the harsh glares of computer screens and the relentless whirl of printing paper. Sound and sights collide, creating an environment that breeds discontent. Your employees are always overwhelmed by their surroundings, and this impacts their abilities to focus,.. Read more