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Experienced Suppliers of Office Workstation Furniture Online from Office Direct

We are passionate about helping you make a comfortable and beautiful workspace where you and your colleagues enjoy working every day. We not only want to be the suppliers of excellent office furniture at affordable prices, but we strive to do it with exceptional customer service which is why we provide free consultations and quotes, express delivery, and customised solutions.

Designing the Perfect Workstation

A little forethought can reap benefits for years when it comes to creating the workstations in your office. If employees are comfortable and the environment encourages the flow of work, your investment in office furniture will be pay dividends in the form of increased productivity for years.

The first aspect of the office workstation to which you want to pay particular attention is ergonomics. Ergonomics is the study of designing a work environment that doesn’t create adverse physical effects on the worker. For example, you want an ergonomically designed workstation to avoid time lost due to back- or headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, and other ailments.

The next step to building a great workspace is to analyse how people do their work. Do teams of people collaborate several times during the day or do people need privacy and quiet to be effective? Office workstations can have an open plan for a cooperative space or enclosed areas for fewer distractions.

The last finishing touches to the perfect workspace are meant to brighten everybody’s day. Studies have shown us that people are more productive with soft lighting. People tend to feel more energised by colourful areas as well. Finally: Don’t forget the plants. Plants not only enhance people’s mood but also clean the air inside an office.

Office Workstation Suppliers Online

We can help you design the perfect office space because we are suppliers of quality workstation furniture. You can start your redesign journey by perusing our workstation furniture online. If you need more help, we will be happy to visit your office and provide a free consultation and quote. If our stock doesn’t suit your needs, we can discuss customised furniture solutions.

Our desks come in a wide range of sizes and shapes depending on how and where your employees work. We also have accessories to complete the workspace such as ergonomic chairs. We recommend chairs that have fully adjustable backs and tilting seats. A tilting seat allows blood to flow, so the heart doesn’t have to pump as hard. It will also keep employees from getting tingly legs when they stand and walk.

Screens and dividers can act as workstation dividers and sound barriers to prevent employees on the phone bothering one another. Most screens are pinnable, allowing staff to pin up charts and reminders and can carry power cords and data wires with outlets and USB ports for convenience.

If you are ready to upgrade your space with workstation furniture to increase productivity look through our office furniture online. Our online features are easy to use, but we will be happy to answer your questions or discuss your ideas. Feel free to contact Office Direct. Our knowledgeable staff will happily answer your questions or support you in designing office workstations.