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What Should I Think About When Choosing Boardroom Tables and Office Reception Furniture in Redlands?

Tables, desks and chairs. No matter how much the internet has changed your business, you and your team still need office furniture; you still need tables, desks and chairs. And while it can seem like a one size fits all scenario, different needs demand different solutions. The table that is perfect for boardroom furniture might be the worst idea for office reception furniture. How to decide?

Office Direct QLD has the answers

Yes, we know furniture. We have over thirty years of direct experience solving furniture needs throughout the Redlands. When you come in to speak to one of us, you are going to talk with someone with firsthand knowledge, and we pay attention and listen. From ergonomic advances in chairs to learning that it is unwise to sit down all day, we have learned and grown—and our customers are the beneficiaries.

We don’t just sell furniture, though, we also make it ourselves. When you come to speak with us, we will ask you all the questions needed to make sure your office reception area has the best furniture for your requirements. By using your specifications, we will create the right size, shape and colour furniture to suit your particular needs. The same is true for your boardroom tables and chairs.

And when your chairs—whether in the boardroom or reception area of the office—need some adjustments due to usage, we will do that as well.

Office Reception Furniture in Redlands Needs to be about Comfort and Professionalism

When your customers come in, they will form their first impression of your business from the reception area. The thought and care you put into your business plan must be reflected. It starts with the furniture. It should work aesthetically with the rest of the space. The chairs your customers sit in should be comfortable but look professional. The tables they use while they wait must be extremely utilitarian. You can probably find that on our website. If not, we will make it all for you.

You must also make sure to provide the best office furniture for your receptionist. If he or she is uncomfortable and unhealthy due to your poor furniture choices, that will be reflected back to your clients. Make sure the office reception chair is ergonomically correct, and the desk height is adjustable. If the person who makes the initial impression on your guests is comfortable, healthy and happy, your customers will feel more relaxed.

Boardroom Furniture in Redlands Needs to Make a Statement

Buying furniture for the boardroom is different than for the office reception area. The boardroom is not used as much, so the focus for the tables and chairs does not have to be on comfort. Instead, the furniture needs to reflect the important decisions that are discussed and made there. You would never put an executive chair at reception because it is not sufficient, ergonomically speaking. But in the boardroom, where its usage is low but its statement is strong? Yes, that makes sense.

The same applies to your boardroom table. It does not need to be adjustable, but it still needs to be utilitarian. We will help you understand where to draw that line and acquire the right table for your needs.

Office Direct QLD: Different Solutions for Different Needs

You need different furniture for various parts of your office, from the boardroom to the reception area. We know the difference, and we are aware we can help you make the right decisions for all of your tables, desks and chairs.