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Embrace the Future with Stand up Desks and Ergonomic Desk Chairs for Your Brisbane Business or Home Office

All signs are pointing to stand up desks being the future for offices everywhere—not just in Brisbane, but around the globe. In August 2016, the American Heart Association published an article cautioning people against staying sedentary for long periods of time. Prolonged periods of sedentary behaviour, the report concluded, can increase heart disease risk—even for people who exercise regularly.

Needless to say, the reason that many people are sedentary for extensive periods of time each day is that they sit behind a computer screen for hours at a time. The bad news is we can’t change the fact that working at a computer is essential to many jobs. The Internet and technology have created an era where countless people globally do all of their work on computers. The good news is that we can fight the sedentary behaviour that leads to heightened heart disease risk.

How Stand Up Desks in Brisbane Can Help Fight Sedentary Habits

At Office Direct QLD, we sell stand up desks and other health-minded office furniture in Brisbane. Many offices in the Brisbane area are making the switch to office furniture and office designs that promote moving around and staying active. We want to play a role in this, which is why if you need a stand up desk in Brisbane, you can find it here.

How do stand up desks help combat sedentary habits? After all, most stand up desks don’t allow users to walk while they work—though there are some ‘treadmill’ or ‘hamster wheel’ desks that are exceptions to this rule.

Still, while standing isn’t as active as walking, it is still more active than sitting. Indeed, by standing for an hour or two, you will burn calories, tone your muscles, promote better full-body blood flow and give your metabolism a boost. Having the right stand up desk at your office in Brisbane can also help with posture. All of these factors can be boons for your health—especially your cardiovascular health.

Also, stand up desks can help to encourage more active movement. While standing, employees can do minor exercises like squats or toe raises while doing their work. It also just seems easier to take a walk around the office—something that the American Heart Association recommends—when you are already on your feet.

Design a Sit-Stand Office Environment, with Ergonomic Desks and Desk Chairs in Brisbane

Of course, not everyone wants to stand all day every day. Giving yourself or your employees opportunities to alternate between sitting and standing at work is usually the best option for promoting peak health, concentration and comfort.

At Office Direct QLD, we have the solutions you need to design an optimal sit-stand office environment. We stock ergonomic height adjustable desks in Brisbane so that you or your employees can seamlessly switch from sitting to standing and back again. We also stock ergonomic desk chairs in Brisbane, so that your employees can sit as healthily and comfortable as possible when they are sitting.

Whether you are looking for innovative standing desks or ergonomic home office chairs in Brisbane, Office Direct QLD can help you find what you need. Call us on 07 3245 2788 to learn more about our desks, desk chairs and other office furniture.