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Office Furniture in Capalaba: Stand Up Desks, Desk Chairs, Desks and Home Office Chairs

Working from home is a dream come true for many people no matter where you are in the world: Capalaba, Paris, Rome or even New York. The freedom you are afforded to be able to schedule your own time more efficiently is one of the main reasons that people always have this high on their list of ideal work situations. Another big advantage is that you can ditch the morning commute and simply stroll into one of your home office chairs when you need to start.

Despite the fact that it’s an ideal way to work for many people, there are drawbacks to working from home. Let’s face it, most work has some repetition to it and working from home is no different (even rock stars have to practice their songs over and over to make sure they can play them perfectly!). This can mean that you associate that reputation of work with your home that you love. Admittedly, this is not a drawback that many would imagine, but it is often cited as one of the main disadvantages of working from home.

Fortunately, Office Direct QLD may have the solution to this problem. We are based in Capalaba and can supply a wide range of office furniture, such as stand up desks, ordinary desks, desk chairs and a whole lot more.

Stand Up Desks in Capalaba

If you have never thought of purchasing home office chairs in Capalaba, we will share some of the complaints that many of our work-from-home customers have in the hopes that you can avoid them.

The main reason that our clients buy office furniture such as desk chairs in Capalaba is that they want a room dedicated to their work. In effect, this separates their living space from their place of work – even if it is in the same house. Often, an unused room or shed is used, and desks, desk chairs, home office chairs and the rest are used to outfit the area to function as an office.

Another reason our customers give is to do with health. Stand up desks are becoming an increasingly popular way to stave off the health effects that sitting down all day can have, in fact, our stand-up desks in Capalaba have increased in popularity so much that they are now one of our most sought after lines from home office customers.

In addition to a stand-up desk in Capalaba, we also have a range of more traditional desks and desk chairs if that isn’t your thing. We are always adding to our already expansive range to give our customers the most choice and allow them to develop their office according to their preferences.

Established Business

We have been in the industry for a long time (over seven years as Office Direct QLD and 20 years as Capalaba Office Furniture) and have built up extensive knowledge over time. We take pride in the professional level of service we offer our customer and excellent advice we can provide for everything from a stand-up desk to an office partition.

If you require desks in Capalaba or any other furniture such as a stand-up desk, we believe that we can provide you with an affordable range and excellent service which will leave you wishing you had visited us sooner.