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Three Reasons to get all your Stand Up Desks and Home Office Chairs in Redlands from Office Direct QLD

When you start a business, there are a million things to decide, even if it’s just your home office. You have hired your team and chosen the best people to work with, people you envision as integral to the success of your business. Studies show that people do not stay at work for the money but because of how they feel they are treated at work by the boss. That’s you. You can start by providing them with the most professional and comfortable office furniture in the Redlands.

Reason 1: A Track Record of Excellence

You hope people will judge you by your track record; we want the same thing. We have been in the business for over thirty years and have worked with scores of businesses in and around the Redlands area in that time. From stand-up desks to office chairs, we have helped people choose the right office furniture throughout the Redlands.

That accounts for the track record. The excellence has been proven by Office Direct QLD being named the winner of the Redlands Retail Award for 2013. Winning this award even once is a great reflection of our customer service standards. So, we were even more thrilled when we won it again in 2014. And in 2015! We don’t just have a track record of success, we have lain some new tracks.

Reason 2: Experience

Office Direct QLD is family owned and operated. Since we have been in the furniture business for over thirty years and run it ourselves, we understand all the intricacies. Why are executive chairs no longer as popular? What are the effects of sitting all day? Does any of this matter if it is just me in my home office?

Those are important questions. Here are just a few answers. There has been a slew of new information about how the chairs and desks people use affect their moods and health. Sitting all day has shown to have a variety of negative health impacts, from poor blood circulation to stress on the heart to collapsing the vertebrae. By using an adjustable stand-up desk throughout the workday, the health and comfort of everyone on your team are improved.

Executive chairs just do not have an ergonomic design right for all day comfort. They still make a great statement in the boardroom but are not the right accompaniment for your stand up desks. When your employees sit down, they need to settle into a chair with perfect ergonomic features so that the health benefits they got from a standing desk are not undone.

Reason 3: Service for your Desks and Desk Chairs in Redlands area

The service we provide starts before you come inside. We have found the best stand-up desks and desk chairs in the world. Our website lays out all your options for getting factory made desks and chairs. If you are thinking about placing an order but are unsure of which chairs and tables are right for your office needs, feel free to call us. We would be happy to share our knowledge with you, and if you do not find the perfect furniture, we will make it for you right here. Even if you are the only employee and work from your home office, you want to be healthy and work smart.

We have given you three great reasons to find all of your chairs and stand up desks here at Office Direct QLD. We could give you a lot more. We think of your needs before you have started and provide great service and over thirty years of excellence. The only question we can’t answer is why you would go anywhere else.