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The Benefits of Working at a Standing Desk (And Where to Find One in East Brisbane or Brisbane Southside)

For years—generations, even—people sitting in desks have defined our image of the average workspace. In recent years, though, some office workers have started tearing down that conception. Global studies have shown that sitting at a desk all day might have catastrophic effects on human health. Because of these studies, there has been a rise in the prominence of ‘standing desks’ in office workplaces—not just in Australia, but also around the world.

Office Direct QLD: Your Source for Standing Desks in East Brisbane and Brisbane Southside

At Office Direct QLD, we carry a range of standing desks—both on our website and at our retail showroom in East Brisbane. Most of our standing desks even go one step further, having adjustable height functions that allow you to sit for some parts of the day and stand for others. This flexibility can eliminate the biggest drawback of standing desks—that you have to be on your feet all day—while still giving you a chance to enjoy some of the larger benefits of using a standing desk in the first place.

Why Using a Standing Desk Is a Smart Choice

What are those benefits, you may ask? Research led by a Mayo Clinic endocrinologist has identified enough pros for standing desks that any and all desk workers should consider giving them a try. Some of these advantages you will notice right away. Others are more subtle but have significant payoffs for long-term health and wellbeing. Before you visit Office Direct QLD to pick up your standing desk in Brisbane Southside, read through a few of the advantages below.

  • It reduces obesity risk: Poor diet and lack of exercise are the top factors you will have to avoid or reverse to fight obesity. However, avoiding a sedentary lifestyle even when you aren’t exercising can help too. Standing for some, most or all of the day will burn more calories than sitting at your desk, thereby contributing to lower your risk of obesity.
  • It reduces risk of heart disease: Obesity isn’t the only consequence of a sedentary lifestyle. On the contrary, sitting all day can also make you significantly more likely to develop heart disease. Getting on your feet improves full-body blood flow and helps your heart stay healthy.
  • It reduces back and neck pain: At Office Direct QLD, we’ve found that many of the customers who come in looking for standing desks in Brisbane Southside or East Brisbane also have complaints of back or neck pain. Sitting in the same position all day can increase back pain while staring down at a computer screen or keyboard can cause major neck problems. Standing desks help to address both of these concerns by straightening out your spine and reducing excess pressure on your neck or lower back.

Are you interested in learning more about the standing desk options we have to offer at Office Direct QLD? Visit our showroom in East Brisbane/Brisbane Southside, browse our product selection online or give us a call on 07 3245 2788.